[Seminar học thuật] (1) Visible Light Communication and Its Application và (2) Rectenna using for humidity detection

Thứ 04, ngày 24/10/2018, Khoa Kỹ thuật Máy tính tổ chức buổi seminar học thuật cấp khoa về 2 chủ đề như thông tin bên dưới:

- Thời gian: 10h, thứ 4, ngày 24/10/2018

- Địa điểm: E6.3

Subject 1: Visible Light Communication and Its Application


Abstract: Visible Light Communication (VLC) which has a mass of applications is getting much attention in both academic field and industry. Specifically, light-to-camera (LTC) communications in which information is transmitted to user through visible light signals; whereas, rolling-shutter camera-based receivers are utilized to capture and decode transmitted signals


Subject 2: Rectenna using for humidity detection (Paper sharing)

 visiblelight1 visiblelight2 

Abstract: Wireless power transfer and electromagnetic energy harvesting have been largely investigated in the last decades to efficiently develop battery-less communication and detection systems. In the meantime, cellulosique materials such as paper have been recently examined as a substrate for Radio Frequency (RF) circuits to design low cost, light weight, flexible and eco-friendly systems.

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