Machine Learning Application

The research group “Machine Learning Application”, formerly knows as the Human-machine Interaction group, was established in January 2019 to conduct research about the lastest technologies and techniques of Deep Learning as well as its application in practical implementation. The group’s main research interests include:

+ Image and video classification

+ Object detection and segmentation

+ Object tracking and speed estimation

+ Ensemble learning and multimodal learning methods

+ Diginal signal processing (audio, voice,…)

+ Monitoring system development

+ Deep Learning dataset development

Recent research topic that the research group has been working:

+ Pornographic website detection and blocking system

+ Vehicle tracking and speed estimating system

+ Action/speech recognition in human-machine interactive control

+ Audio signal processing and implementations

+ Sensor’s signals analysis and implementations

Main research group member includes:

+ Associate Professor Duc-Lung Vu, Ph.D. (group leader, advisor professor)

+ Dinh Duy-Phan, M.S. (Secretary)

+ Thanh-Thien Nguyen M.S.

+ Hoang-Loc Tran, M.S.

+ Quang-Huy Nguyen, Engineer

+ Khac-Ngoc-Khoi Nguyen, Engineer


Feature published papers:

+Dinh-Duy Phan, Thanh-Thien Nguyen, Quang-Huy Nguyen, Hoang-Loc Tran, Khac-Ngoc-Khoi Nguyen, and Duc-Lung Vu. A novel pornographic visual content classifier based on sensitive object detection. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 12(5), 2021.

+Hoang-Loc  Tran,  Quang-Huy  Nguyen,  Dinh-Duy  Phan,  Thanh-Thien Nguyen,  Duc Lung  Vu.  Additional  learning  on  object  detection:A   novel   approach   in   pornography classification. In International Conference on Future Data and Security Engineering, pages 311–324. Springer, 2020

+Quang-Huy Nguyen, Khac-Ngoc-Khoi Nguyen, Hoang-Loc Tran, Thanh-Thien Nguyen, Dinh-Duy Phan, and Duc-Lung Vu. Multi-level detector for pornographic content using CNN models. In 2020 RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (RIVF), pages 1–5. IEEE, 2020

+Quang-Huy Do, Minh-Duc Nguyen, Duc-Khai Lam, and Duc-Lung Lung. Hardware Implementation of AES with S-Box Using Composite-Field for WLAN Systems. In 2019 IEEE-RIVF International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (RIVF), pages 1–6.  IEEE, 2019