Open Lab

The Open Lab is a free and creative research space that is a distinctive signature of the Faculty of Computer Engineering. When studying in Computer Engineering, students need to spend a lot of time on practicing and conducting experiments frequently with electronic devices, components, circuit boards, and various types of microprocessors - microcontrollers to be able to understand and apply theoretical knowledge to real products. Understanding the need for a research space for students, the Management Board of the Faculty of Computer Engineering has established an Open Lab located in room E6.8 with a full and diverse range of equipment to design, implement, measure and test electric circuits so that students can easily access and become familiar with research works. Open Lab is open from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM every week from Monday to Saturday so students can practice experiments, research and implement projects outside of classroom hours, as well as conduct graduated capstone projects. Open Lab is not only open to all students of the Faculty of Computer Engineering, but also to all students of the University of Information Technology with a relevant research direction or related to the field of Computer Engineering.


Open Lab was established in association with the existence of the CEEC Academic Club and this is also the home of the CEEC club. At Open Lab, the previous generations of students, who have experience, will impart and guide new students to easily take their first steps on the path of research in the field of Computer Engineering. From the Open Lab, many generations of students of the Faculty of Computer Engineering have produced many scientific products, many research works that are highly appreciated and have wide applicability. In particular, students working at Open Lab also regularly win high prizes in academic competitions in the field of Computer Engineering such as: Makerthon, Hackathon, Eureka, etc…




Devices in Open Lab:


  • PCB Tools



 Measuring Devices



Mechanical design devices

The research activities at Open Lab are structured around several core topics:

     - PCB antenna design and LoRaWan

    - Design and implement automation systems, embedded system and robotics

    - Design and implement IoT systems

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Screenshot 2021 08 29 151035


XLA Jetson tx2