External relations and enterprise collaborations are an important content in the long-term development strategy of FCE. FCE targets to establish robust and active relations with both national and international organizations in order to set up positive and innovative environments for teaching, researching and studying.

Collaboration activities are conducted in the win-win paradigm and spirit of apparentness and positiveness.

For national partners:

- Collaborating with companies and universities in Vietnam to boost up education collaborations, education investment and recruitment. Collaborations are on a wide range of fields and majors;

- Establishing and maintaining interactive channels for ex-students, high school students and educational experts to make the education program updated and satisfied with the society’s need;

- Setting application projects with governmental agencies and increasing science and technology exchange activities.

For international partners:

- Increasing activities of MoU signing and collaboration in education, research and publication;

- Developing student exchange program and collaborative programs, especially for master program;

- Collaborating to hold academic activities including co-conference, seminars;

- Establishing and maintaining interactive channels with professors and experts at international education organizations.



Recently, FCE has signed several MoUs with national and international organizations including ICT companies and universities. These MoUs are a strong evidence for striving in collaboration, education program upgrading, and increasing the quality of graduated students. Based on these collaboration settings, a number of meaningful activities have been held for students and lecturers together with successful recruitment activities.


MOU signing ceremony between FCE and SNST&Finger Vina Co. Ltd

List of Partners with signed MoU:

1.   Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

2.   SNST & Finger Vina Co. Ltd., Korea.

3.  TK25 Inc., Vietnam.

4.  Multicampus Co. Ltd., Korea.



Meeting for collaboration between FCE and companies


Twice a year, FCE and DEK Technology Vietnam Co. Ltd are in collaboration to hold free online training and give certificates on Agile Scrum for students. Around 60 students attend in each class. Students also take into company tours and recruitment activities during the year.


Free collaborative Agile-Scrum training

Annually, a workshop on “Increasing quality of human resource in ICT” is held with more than 20 representatives from companies and lecturers in order to share ideas, techniques and information about enhancing the education program and student performance. There are many positive ideas and solutions from these workshops applied to to update the education program.


“Increasing quality of human resource in ICT” workshop on 23/06/2020

Together with enhancing the education program, FCE also collaborates with partners to conduct exchange meetings with students to discuss “Future career path”, requirements and preparation for students in CE DAY events.


“Future career path” requirement and preparation on 21/11/2020

Furthermore, FCE also puts much attention on activities to connect with high school students to help them update new technologies and professional trends and set up a right future path. There are several contests and activities for high school students to join such as UIT Car Racing, Technology Update seminar...


Meeting on IoT-based technology for students at Hoa Sen High School, Thu Duc city, 14/10/2020


Around the year, FCE and companies frequently set up company tours for students to visit company, attending job sharing meeting and discussing about future career path. Through such activities, students can acquire practical information and view about their expected jobs.


Company tour at FPT-Software Ho Chi Minh


Company tour and certificate giving ceremony at DEK Technology


Besides academic collaborations, partnership companies often join with FCE in many student activities and contests through education investments.

Activities with sponsor from companies: FCE female scholarship, UIT Car Racing ContestAMO contest (Vietnam round), CE Sport, CE Care, CE IoT Challenge“MỘC” Social Program.







1. Khoa KTMT

2. Phòng QHĐN, ĐH CNTT

3. Cty TNHH SNST&Finger Vina

4. Cty TNHH DEK Technology Việt Nam

5. Cty TNHH Thiết kế Renesas Việt Nam

6. Cty TNHH Ampere Computing Việt Nam

7. Cty Cổ phần Tư vấn và Dịch vụ Công nghệ ASIC

8. Cty TNHH Faraday Technologies Việt Nam

9. Khải Hoàng Eyewear

10. Cty Cổ phần Công nghệ TK25

11. Cty TNHH MTV Microchip Việt Nam

12. TMA Solution

13. Công ty Cổ phần Singalarity

14. Cty TNHH Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solution Việt Nam

15. Cty Ikorn Solution

16. Cty Cổ phần Phần mềm FPT-Software Hồ Chí Minh

17. Cty TNHH Tầm Nhìn Thông Minh – Smart Vision

18. Viện Khoa học và Công nghệ Nara - Japan