[ST] STM32CubeMX V5 workshop with demonstration and sneak preview

Introducing an all new STM32CubeMX V5 seminar and demonstration plus a sneak peek at our new Eclipse-based IDE for STM32 and two highly anticipated tracks – TouchGFX Graphics and IoT Connectivity

STM32Cube 290x190

ST invites you to a half-day seminar where ST’s dedicated experts will introduce new the new features of the STM32CubeMX V5 and preview the upcoming Eclipse-based software development environment for STM32.

Moreover, there will be two parallel tracks on TouchGFX Graphics and IoT Connectivity (NFC, BLE and LPWAN) solutions in addition to demonstrations using various development boards including our new STM32G071 Nucleo-64 development board (NUCLEO-G071RB).

Part of the STM32Cube™ initiative to make developers’ lives easier by reducing development effort, time and cost, the STM32CubeMX is a graphical software configuration tool that comes with STM32Cube embedded software libraries, covering the whole STM32 portfolio.

One of the key topics is the introduction of our new full-featured software development environment for STM32. Based on open-source components (Eclipse and GNU) with advanced debugging and code analysis features, our experts will give a live demo of how it easily integrates with STM32CubeMX for simplified project creation.

Registration information: http://m.events.st.com/nl/jsp/m.jsp?c=%40WuH8Xs6Pt72163ERC37ZsFpKOn1k4SHBZOlqvunHNxI%3D&cid=stmDM16430&bid=205685718&uid=htn3omgmqcWj/0Z+Fr/AcDkz5BUxQpP8