About Us

The Faculty of Computer Engineering focuses on the principles and methodologies involved in the design and development of hardware systems, software components and the operation of those systems. Computer engineering is connected to many aspects of computing: from designs for simple electronic circuits to microprocessors, personal computers and even supercomputers, especially the design of embedded systems used in almost all electrical devices such as mobile phones, cars, machine controllers, industrial robots, etc.


The mission of the FCE is to facilitate the development of well rounded, educated, productive, and ethical individuals who are well versed in technology and in social, political, and environment issues.

Our goals are to develop within each student a robust repertoire of professional skills, to provide each with avenues for exploring diverse interests, and to launch each successfully into one of a variety of careers offering lifelong learning, service, and leadership.


A. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to the solution of complex engineering problems

B. Have abilities to research, analysis, design and implement computing components or digital components in electronic devices

C. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice with appropriate considerations for public health and safety, cultural, societal, and environmental constraints

D. Communicate effectively in working team, social with good and ethical behavior

E. Recognize the need for, and have ability to engage in lifelong learning

F. Understanding the impact of the engineering solutions in a societal context and to be able torespond effectively to the needs for sustainable development

G. A good understanding of the principles and applications of advanced mathematics, includingprobability and statistics, differential and integral calculus, linear algebra and complex variables