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Launching the first stage of the 10th AMO in Vietnam (AMO2015-UIT)

On the morning of April 22, 2015, the launch of the first stage of the 10th Annual International Microelectronics Olympiad of Armenia in Vietnam (abbreviated to AMO2015-UIT) was held by Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Information Technology (UIT), Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCMC) (

Those attending the ceremony included Dr. Nguyen Minh Son (Dean of Faculty of Computer Engineering, UIT and is also the head of AMO2015-UIT), Mr. Nguyen-Van-Toan (Head of Student Affairs, UIT and works as the deputy of the competition), representatives of sponsor companies in Vietnam (namely eSilicon cooperation [1], ICDREC [2] and AuViet Smart Solution [3]) and more than 150 students from many universities in Ho Chi Minh city, such as University of Information Technology, International University, Ho Chi Minh University of Science, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education.

In order to make the competition more informative, the representatives of above-mentioned companies shared useful information about human resource demands, recruitment requirements as well as career opportunities for students who are major in Microelectronics and Integrated Circuit (IC) design. More specifically, Mr. Le-Tram-Ngoc-Dung − head of ICDREC training center − presented topic “IC Industry and human resource demands in Vietnam” at the beginning and Mr. Nguyen-Hung-Quan − a senior engineer in IC design − also detailed “Digital IC Desing Flow” thereafter.

Mr. Le-Tram-Ngoc-Dung, head of ICDREC training center was presenting at the ceremony.

Next were the presentations from eSilicon Cooperation. Ms. Nguyen-Thi-Bich-Thuy − Talent Acquisition Manager − described “Overview of eSilicon and career opportunities” and then Mr. Nguyen-Long-Giang − Senior Manager of ASIC Design group − talked in detail about “Design trends in future and current eSilicon’s products”.


Mr. Nguyen Long Giang, head of ASIC design group of eSilicon was presenting at the ceremony.

Besides, Dr. Tran-The-Quang, director of AuViet Smart Solution Company also shared several state-of-the-art products as well as many technical solutions of the company.

After the presentations of the sponsor companies, Mr. Nguyen-Thanh-Sang, who has working as a member of the AMO2015-UIT organisers, introduced total necessary information of AMO2015-UIT along with relevant knowledge and documents that students need to prepare for the competition.


Mr. Nguyen-Thanh-Sang was introducing AMO2015-UIT.

 Finally, the most important part of the ceremony is a great discussion between students and representatives of both the organisers of AMO2015-UIT and sponsor companies. All the questions mainly focused on the competition and relevant knowledge in micro-electronics once they are put into practice.


A student was giving some questions to discuss.


Representatives of both the organisers of AMO2015-UIT and sponsor companies were answering questions of students

 On the behalf of the AMO2015-UIT organisers, Mr. Nguyen-Van-Toan gave some souvenirs to the sponsor companies to express the appreciation of their help and finally the launch of AMO2015-UIT ended successfully.


Mr. Nguyen-Van-Toan was announcing the launch of AMO2015-UIT.

In a word, almost relevant information of the AMO2015-UIT was provided and further information about practical requirements as well as career opportunities in Microelectronic major also was given to all students.


Representatives of the organisers, sponsors and student collaborators of AMO2015-UIT.


By: Do Quang Huynh, Tran Hoang Loc, Nguyen Thanh Sang

Photos: Tutu's photo